Bruce Reaches the Summit

Delegates at the Argyll and Isles Tourism Cooperative Summit had a surprise visitor during their day spent at the splendid Ardgartan Hotel. Bruce, Argyll’s famous representative for the Scottish Beaver Trial, took centre stage during the participants lunchtime photo shoot. Never one to shy away from the media spotlight, Bruce had popped along just to make sure that the beaver community at Knapdale was uppermost in everyone’s minds.

Bruce at Ardgartan

As Bruce himself explained: ‘This event is all about finding ways of attracting more people to the area to enjoy its fantastic scenery, heritage, food and a great diversity of wildlife. I came along today with my Beaver Trial hat on (T-shirt to be precise) to remind folk to tell their customers all about the beavers in Argyll. I’m also a representative for all of the wild creatures that live here that folk might be lucky enough to see during their holiday.’

Earlier in the day delegates had been tested with a quiz all about the many amazing things to see and do in Argyll. One of the questions asked them to identify the largest mammal out of otter, pine marten, red squirrel and beaver. Whilst waiting for the photo shoot to begin one delegate (looking at Bruce) was heard saying to her colleague: ‘I told you the beaver was the biggest on that list!’

Bruce had to leave directly after lunchtime to return to his spring cleaning duties at the lodge. Rumours that he was seen hurrying away with a basket of chocolate brownies are entirely unfounded.

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