Nina and the Neurons

The Scottish Beaver Trial can now add ‘Nina and the Neurons’ to the list of television programmes that have come to Knapdale to film in the Trial area and see the effects the beavers have on the natural environment.

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Last week the BBC film crew, ‘Nina’ and three lucky children selected from a Primary School in Oban arrived at the Trial site to film an episode for CBeebies TV.  Obviously, filming during the day meant that there was no chance of seeing a beaver, but the crew filmed at the Dubh loch dam, and viewing point, and carried out an experiment to find out if it was easier to pull a log over the ground, or through the water.

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Nina and the kids also put their beaver skills to the test and built a dam in a stream to find out what happens to the water when the stream is dammed. (The dam was then carefully removed again to leave the area as it was found.)

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We’re not sure of the date the programme will be broadcast, it’s likely to be some time in the Autumn, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do!


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