Student volunteer Rhona reports on her work experience with the Beaver Trial

I had a fantastic time working with Oly from the Beaver trial. I am studying for my HNC in Countryside Management and I wanted to do my work experience with them to learn, understand get an insight of the development of the trial, and to see any development since it ended. Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I was fortunate to go and visit a local school and one in Oban with Oly, the Education Ranger giving lessons to classes.  it was great to see the children learning and getting understanding about the beavers and the area that they live in in Argyll.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I was also very fortune to see signs of beavers living in the landscape.  There were trees that they have chopped down and used to build their lodges.  They are amazing creatures in how they construct their lodges!Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I have travelled and seen many parts of the world, but Argyll is spellbinding and holds a special place in my heart and always will do.  Be as enchanted as I was and come to visit this gorgeous place!

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