Devon’s River Otter beaver update

In late March this year the Devon Wildlife Trust re-released five Eurasian beavers on the River Otter after trapping them for health screenings. This marked the beginning of England’s first wild beaver monitoring project, researching how the re-introduction of the beaver will affect wildlife, landscapes and communities in a lowland English river valley.

In January 2015 Devon Wildlife Trust was granted a licence by Natural England to monitor the behaviour and impacts of the small beaver population (now estimated at least 12 animals). Part of the conditions of the licence is to collect sightings of the beavers. This is done through a combination of survey work and a network of volunteers.

So much enthusiasm for the River Otter beavers has been shown by local residents. A 5-minute video (below), made by film-makers from London company Seenit, shows the excitement amongst nature lovers, business-owners, walkers, schoolchildren and others about sharing their river with England’s only wild beaver families.

For up to date information about England’s only population of wild beavers. follow the Devon Wildlife Trust’s River Otter Beaver Trial on Facebook at ‘Devon Wildlife Trust’ or take a look at their website

We wish them all the best.

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