What is new at the Visitor Centre?

As you might know, right now, we are in the middle of our refit in the visitor centre. For me it is very interesting to see the centre change and I am very excited about the outcome.


Removal of old interpretation

After the hard work of packing up everything, the contractors arrived, and the loud work began with a lot of drilling, knocking and hammering. The old outfit of the visitor centre has now been removed, which has been quite a quick process. A lot of old interpretation disappeared, but if you liked our migration globe, don’t worry – it is still here.


Changes to the migration globe

We also have some of the new interpretation and new equipment up. There are new screens and new wood on some walls with a smell that I personally like very much. Some days the smell of fresh paint has been quite strong. We have some new “newspaper pages” up with interesting information on them.  We also have new arrows which will direct people to the upstairs and downstairs rooms.


A fresh coat of paint

I think we have even more exciting times ahead of us, with the anticipation of seeing the rest of the new interpretation go up. We are looking forward to the changes and after that the reopening for the public. Follow us for information about the process of the work and the date of our reopening.

Noémi Menczelesz – EVS Visitor Centre Assistant

Our first event of 2017 is our Wonderous Wetland work party! Join us on World Wetlands Day February 2nd.


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