Big changes in progress

We are in the third week of our refit, and with the increasing noise, more and more changes can be seen in the centre.


Reception desk back in place

The new reception desk is back in place, with a shiny new coat. Most of our new interpretation has already been put up, but there is still some to finish off. We have to be careful, where we are walking, so that we don’t step accidentally on a new interpretation board lying on the floor.

Our migration globe has a new design, as does the mud life wall. The world of tides board has also gone, but instead of that we have information, telling a different story of the Basin. We have a new guide to the landmarks that can be seen from the window. It is quite useful, if you don’t know the area very well.


A working progress

They also began to lay down the new carpet. As the process requires glue, sometimes we can smell it while working. We will have two different colours on the floor for our shop/cafe area and the main part of the visitor centre. We also have a new colour coded sign, which shows you the directions to these parts.

According to our plans, we have one or two weeks of work left. We hope that you are just as curious about the new outfit as we are.


Electrics and new interpretation

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Noémi Menczelesz РEVS Visitor Centre Assistant

Our first event of the season is with our ranger to celebrate World Wetlands Day.

Wondrous wetlands

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