Summer weekend at Lowes

Garry at Perth

Garry at Perth Museum

Yesterday, Loch of the Lowes’ team took part in ‘Go Wild’, a children’s activity with the aim to make children more aware of the Scottish wildlife that can be spotted in Perthshire and in the highlands. The activity was held and organised by Perth Museum.
A good number of children turned up andcame visiting our stand, all enthusiastic to draw ospreys, create osprey masks, meet Garry the Osprey and learn more about the life of an Osprey and Loch of the Lowes. Information was given to their parents about upcoming activities in the reserve.


Today, things were a bit lively at Loch of the Lowes. A Kingfisher was spotted flying next to the Crannog hide, by one of our volunteers. The Osprey fledglings have mastered the art of flying and now they are starting to practice fishing and diving. Two of the fledglings were seen trying to dive but changed their minds at the last second and aborted the dive; a thrilling sight!

Two intruding Ospreys came to the area earlier today, but they were quickly chased off by LM12 and LF15.

And don’t forget that tomorrow afternoon, Hebe Carus from Scottish Wildcat Action will be at Lowes to give a fascinating talk on the plight of one of Scotland’s most endangered mammals and what is being done to save them from extinction.

Chris Cachia Zammit

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Wildcats in the Angus Glens

This coming Sunday afternoon, Hebe Carus from Scottish Wildcat Action will be giving a fascinating talk on the plight of one of Scotland’s most endangered mammals and what is being done to save them from extinction. The talk which is from 2-3pm is free to attend but donations to Scottish Wildcat Action are welcome.

For more information on Scottish Wildlife Action visit their website.

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And then there were none (well not quite)…

No, you haven’t been imagining and empty nest – our third thick has finally flown the nest!

KP2 fledged on Saturday morning just before we arrived on site at around 9.10am. He was seen awkwardly flying around the big silver birch tree before landing again, strengthening the muscles in his wings in preparation for his migration.

We would expect the chicks to leave by the end of August, so there is still plenty of time for you to get some sightings in before they leave. The female on the other hand, will be departing fairly soon as her job has now been completed: she has fed and protected her young to (almost) independence, and now must prepare herself for her long flight home.

It is now down to the male to continue to bring the chicks fish, to ensure they are in optimum condition to make their perilous maiden journey southwards. Most ospreys migrate to West Africa but it has become increasingly clear that some birds only go as far as Spain, Portugal or southern France.

They will return to the UK in 2-3 years, when they come of breeding age. The male is often the last to leave, once all three chicks have departed (separately). He should then also be the first to arrive in March next year, although that wasn’t the case this year when our female LF15 was kept waiting.

We should have the video of the moment KP2 fledged up on the Scottish Wildlife Trust YouTube channel by tomorrow but in the meantime you can view it on Twitter.




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Webcam disruption

Apologies for the disruption to the webcams over the weekend. This was caused by a power cut. Both cameras are now back up and running.

Osprey webcam:

People’s Postcode Lottery Squirrelcam:

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Nuts About Squirrels – this Sunday

Discover your inner red squirrel at Loch of the Lowes this Sunday, with squirrel expert Ken Neil from Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels. Ken will be giving illustrated talks in the Crannog Hide between 11am and 4pm, with the latest news on how the project to save one of Scotland’s most iconic mammals is going.

There will be lots of squirrel themed children’s activities including a red squirrel trail – follow the clues to win a prize. Keep an eye out for a very special guest too!

There’s no need to book – just turn up. Suitable for children aged 4-10 (must be accompanied). Suggested donation for activities – £2 per child.

Nuts about squirrels-page-0

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Fledging videos

In case you missed either of them, videos of KP0 and KP1’s fledgings are now available on the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Youtube channel.


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