Osprey tracking update – 8th October

FR3 has made considerable progress over the past week, travelling around 1300km (800 miles) and as of 4pm on 6th October was in the central eastern part of Western Sahara.

Flying south from the Oued Grou river on the 2nd, FR3 roosted overnight close to the Barrage Al Massari dam on the Oum Er-Rbia River. The dam’s reservoir and wetlands were designated as a Ramsar site (a wetland of international importance) in 2005. Heading on the next morning, FR3 traversed the High Atlas mountains, reaching heights well in excess of 2000m above sea level. The 4th involved some more high flying for our young osprey, crossing the smaller Anti Atlas Mountains. FR3 reached the border with Western Sahara on the afternoon of the 5th and has continued SW from there.

FR3's progress from 1st-6th October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR3’s progress from 1st-6th October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR4 by contrast has had a week of relative inactivity, travelling no further than 1km from what seems to have become an established daytime roost in mangrove swamp to the north of the Gambia river.

FR4's activity between 2nd and 6th October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR4’s activity between 2nd and 6th October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust


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Osprey tracking update – 2nd October

After last week’s exertions travelling from France to Morocco last week, FR3 has slowed the migration pace again this week. Over the last seven days our young osprey has travelled approximately 120km (70 miles) further SW. The bulk of this journey took place on 25th September, since when FR3 has once again settled into a routine of spending long periods of time roosting and making occasional short exploratory flights into the surrounding area. A longer foray which took place over the afternoon of the 26th and the following morning, included an exploration of the Oued Grou – a large river system to the SW of the roost site.

FR3's progress between 25th September and 1st October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR3’s progress between 25th September and 1st October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR4 meanwhile remains settled on the same stretch of the Gambia river, despite having undertaken a 3 day journey over the 25-27th September. During this period FR4 travelled to the SW, joining the Lower Gambia river and following it to its confluence with the main Gambia river (reached just after 3pm on the 26th), before turning east and heading back upstream along the north bank of the main river.

FR4's movements from 25th September to 2nd October 2015

FR4’s movements from 25th September to 2nd October 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

More news next week…


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FR3 in Morocco; FR4 exploring the Gambia!

The latest satellite data which we downloaded this afternoon shows that FR3 has made considerable progress over the last week and is now in Morocco!

FR3's movements to 24th September 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR3’s movements to 24th September 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

Having left the fishing ponds near Saint-Paul-Lizonne on the 20th, home for the past three weeks, FR3 headed SW and had reached the France-Spain border by that evening. Crossing the border the following morning, our young osprey continued to travel SW towards Madrid, tracking a similar course to that of sibling FR4.

A comparison of FR3 & FR4's routes through northern Spain

A comparison of FR3 & FR4’s routes through northern Spain

On the 22nd FR3 deviated to the south before reorienting to the SW again the following day, passing over the northwestern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains, reaching altitudes in excess of 1700m above sea level. On the 24th, having roosted to the north of Malaga, FR4 travelled along the coast towards Gibraltar and had crossed over into Morocco by mid-afternoon.

Meanwhile, FR4 has been exploring a small section along a bend on the Gambia river.

FR4's latest movements to 24th September 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

FR4’s latest movements to 24th September 2015 ©Scottish Wildlife Trust

The tracking page will be updated early next week to show the latest data.


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On The Move

The latest satellite tracking data arrived today showing both our tracked ospreys are moving south.

FR3 is heading further south through France and FR4 is now in Gambia!

View Tracking Page Here

Here at Loch of the Lowes autumn is turning foliage into fabulous colours and giving us atmospheric misty mornings. The red squirrels and woodland birds are not at all bothered by frequent rain showers and (apart from looking pretty drookit) are as entertaining around the feeders as always.

Please come up and see us if you are in the area!


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In Case You Missed It

Amazingly, FR4 has reached Senegal!

Although FR4 was the last chick to leave the nest at Loch of the Lowes, he/she is now safely in Senegal.

The exact positions of the satellite tracked flight are on our Osprey  Tracking Page .

I wonder where our juveniles will be when the next batch of information is received next week?


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