Osprey Diary August 13, 2010

A grand morning it is at the Loch! Beautiful light, flat water.

As the days pass, I ponder migrants everywhere, gathering in groups, in flocks and as individuals. “Our” male must be very aware of the changing light, perhaps even aware of the warmer water as he steadfastly catches for himself and “his” young. Will he be one of the males that stop over in Spain or does he fly to the Gambia and catch flying fish far offshore?

The juveniles must surely be wondering what is in store for them. Although they do not require as much food as they did 6 weeks ago, they must be senseing that more is expected of them in order to survive. Survival is an amazing motivator. I inwardly cheer on these two birds. The learning curve continues. Late yesterday afternoon, a very welcome rainbow trout put a smile on my face. Food for life, food of encouragement.

It is often the simple things that are the most profound. Rinchen

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