Blue YZ on her way!

Exciting news – Blue YZ has begun her maiden migration! We downloaded the latest batch of satellite data this morning to discover she had departed yesterday morning and spent her first night away from Loch of the Lowes on the Isle of Man.

Blue YZ's first day on migration (5th September 2013)

Blue YZ’s first day on migration (5th September 2013)

Between 10 and 11am she headed SSE to Dhu Loch, a small loch a couple of miles from Loch of the Lowes which she had visited on previous days. From there she headed SW and by 12pm she was 10km (6 miles) to the north east of Crieff. By 1pm she had left Perthshire altogether, crossing over the River Forth to the SE of Stirling.

Blue YZ continued to make good progress throughout the rest of the afternoon, travelling due south through Lanarkshire, and by 5pm had reached the coast of Dumfries & Galloway, midway between Wigtown & Kirkcudbright. Continuing SW out into the Irish Sea she passed over the north coast of the Isle of Man between 6 and 7pm, roosting for the night in trees in a steep sided valley.

Blue YZ's roost on the Isle of Man (5th September 2013)

Blue YZ’s roost on the Isle of Man (5th September 2013)


Photo of Blue YZ's roost (5th September 2013)

Google Earth photo of Blue YZ’s roost (5th September 2013)

We’ll have to wait a couple of days to see where she goes next. In the meantime you can view the latest data for yourself at



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