Breaking News: Blue YD is Off – Heading North!

Our young osprey Blue YD , who was hatched  in Angus in 2012  and is being Satellite tracked,  has begun his first ever northwards journey. At the ripe old age of two years he has begun what seems to be his first ever spring migration, leaving the area in Senegal where he has spent the last 18 months. He began to move northwards at  10 am on the 24th April, and had crossed into Mauritania between 2 and 6 pm .  On the 25th  and 26th he continued up the coast, and on  the 27th he spent the night near the border of Mauritania and Western Sahara .

Blue YD to 29th April - copyright SWT

Blue YD to 29th April – copyright SWT


On  Monday  he took a turn to the right and headed inland , presumably a short cut across desert territory on the way north.  As of 10pm last night he was in Western Sahara and he has the desert and the dangerous crossing of the Moroccan Atlas mountains ahead.

We can only wish him well and keep all our fingers crossed that he successfully avoids the many dangers ahead. Which route will he take? Will he stop over on route and if so where? Will he return the Scotland? Will he be seen back in Angus where he was born this summer ?

The satellite tracker is pre- programmed to send information to the us every 2 days at the moment so we should have new data on Thursday and will bring you the latest news as soon as we can.

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