January Sightings

The mild weather continued to persist into mid-January and then temperatures dropped. This has brought in a big number of chaffinches to the feeding station, with a peak count of 50+.  Yellowhammers are still making a presence, with the highest number being 4.

Winter scene

Winter scene © Chris Cachia Zammit

On the 20th, two bramblings where spotted feeding among the chaffinches and they were very obliging to the visitors watching the feeding station. An ermine stoat was spotted from the feeding station viewing window, climbing up and down trees, what a sighting! Other birds spotted were; blackbirds, dunnocks, blue tits and great tits and the local great spotted woodpeckers.  

Our local red squirrels continue to be regular visitors to the feeding station, feeding on peanuts.

On the 27th a male smew was spotted on the loch. What a bonnie bird!

 Chris Cachia Zammit 

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